Let Your Spirit Soar

What lifts you up?

A sunset? A walk on the beach? The beauty present in the fractal geometry of a bare tree?

Today, for me, it is music. To be specific, Gabriel’s Oboe performed by Yo Yo Ma. I’ve been playing it over and over again for two days, clicking the back icon on my iPod so much I’m afraid it might break.

We all need things to nourish our spirit, to take us outside of our miserable little earthly selves and make us feel connected to something greater.

I am a Catholic who, I must admit, hasn’t attended Mass regularly for some time. Through slow iterations, the pageantry of the Mass has been lost — at least for me. Why do we need more things that keep us firmly anchored to earth? A poet wrote: The world is too much with us. And I agree. What we need are more things that lift us, not keep us rooted. Higher ground always provides a better perspective.

I hope you find one thing that lifts you toward something greater today — be it music, a poem, a child’s face, or a silent solitary walk in nature. Let your spirit be lifted, let it soar.


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