Great Historical Fiction = Harbour by Paul House

Love can only last if you don’t have time to use it up, if you finish it, in other words, prematurely, if you are left wanting more.

I first encountered Paul House’s work on the HarperCollins website The site was created to help ‘flush out’ new writing talent. Paul’s work stood out, among the thousands of novels on the site, as being exceptional.

His book, Harbour, eventually went on to be published by Dragon International Independent Arts ( You can also find his book on (For all my American friends, Paul lives in Spain and was educated in England, so the book is written using standard UK spelling.)

I purchased the book and wasn’t disappointed. I could not write a better or more comprehensive review than Bill Kirton has already done on the book review website Booksquawk.

Check it out. If you love historical fiction, you’ll love this book! And check out all the other great books published at


3 thoughts on “Great Historical Fiction = Harbour by Paul House

  1. Thanks for the plug for Booksquawk, JS. I’m glad that you’re enthusing about Harbour, too. Why on earth it wasn’t picked up by one of the mainstream publishers I’ll never know. But Diiarts have done a great job with it and I hope Paul gets the readers he deserves.


  2. Bill, I only wish my readership was larger. My little blog is often neglected by me. But, hopefully, you will get a few viewers from it.



  3. Yes, it’s fun writing the blogs but you sometimes wonder (well, I do anyway) whether the time spent is worth it. But they do produce real friends and good professional contacts – maybe even the odd reader.


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