Sail on Silver Girl

I’m not a very romantic gal, but today’s my anniversary — a very significant one — and I’ve suddenly found myself feeling very sentimental. I was thinking back on our wedding day and remembered Bridge Over Troubled Water being played during the Mass.

It certainly isn’t a classic wedding song, but I think the idea of always “being there” for your significant other is one of the more important aspects of a sharing your life with someone.

I can’t tell you what the secret is to a long marriage. As one comedian said, not getting a divorce is the answer. As in any joke, there is a great truth to it. I can say that sticking it out through the inevitable tough times is worth it.

There is one part of the song played at our wedding that is especially significant to me. It is this:

Sail on silver girl

Sail on by

Your time has come to shine

All your dreams are on their way

See how they shine

Oh, if you need a friend

I’m sailing right behind

I was not the type of girl that dreamed of getting married but, I have to say, after many years of marriage and raising children I realize it is/was my time to shine. The two most important jobs in life are sustaining a marriage and raising a family. Both can be a serious business at times, but they can also be so very joyful. I know that having a family forced me to be a better, less selfish, person.

I did, and still do, have other dreams besides a family. My husband has always been my biggest supporter and advocate during my various endeavors. Although he still seems mildly surprised whenever I manage to do something creative, whether it is a pencil drawing or writing a book, he’s always my biggest admirer.

I hope I’ve been as supportive to him throughout the years. I think I have, but you’d have to ask him for an honest answer.

I didn’t realize all my dreams were on their way on the day of my marriage. But I’m glad they arrived just the same.


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