© 2009 J.S. Colley

Queen Anne’s Lace in bloom
Soft breeze shapes the tall grasses
My feet touch the ground


The wind lashes out
Heart lies heavy in my chest
Roses float on pond


Dark clouds in the sky
Shadows skipping on the ground
Better days ahead


Filtered rays of sun
Lying in bed wide awake
I walk a path home


Breeze moves across pond
Bird wings take flight on the air
Tears gray as water


Blinding white snow drifts
Breath of cold air burns my lungs
I am not alone


Leaves replace blossoms
Heavy branches bend to earth
Stars in hidden sky


Morning ray of sun
Dew glistening on the grass
Warm on my shoulder


2 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. Not easy, the rigidity of form mitigates against pure expression, as I know only too well from my own poor efforts. Risking X-factor wincing, I reckon you’ve nailed it. I love the final one,
    Morning ray of sun
    Dew glistening on the grass
    Warm on my shoulder
    Now, it’s lost its effect with overuse, but I really DO wish I’d written that.
    Love the blog too. Much to admire here. You have a convert.
    PS None of my efforts will be appearing in public. Novels, okay, but not poems. Too personal, too inadequate, and, crucially, far too girlie! Think of my image!


    1. Oh, you’re very kind. Thank you for taking the time to read. It is very hard for me to share my work (believe it or not!). I’ve been trying to come out of my shell and not worry if I fall short.

      Sometimes the doubt creeps in, and you wonder if all the effort and angst is worth it! Having a few readers keeps me motivated. xo


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