Random “Flash” Poetry

I thought I would try something different…and scary. These poems were written in one go, no censoring, no editing. I thought I’d post them as is. I hope you enjoy.


Wearing every decision
Inside this skin
Around these bones
Beneath this skull
Every decision weighted,
Practical and pragmatic
The right thing to do
Wearing this skin
Feeling these bones
Next to my heart
I wonder

Ode to the Artist

It called to me
I did not go
The green grass of home

I pushed back
The many-colored thoughts
And tried to erase
The blackness of what is behind
Until I let go

When you find yourself
You must go
To places only dreamed
And break away
The tight restraints
That bind

The Chance To Be

Through the window
On the cool night air
Comes drifting visions
Of what should have been

Choices once fertile
Now lay barren
In the womb
Of possibilities
That can never be

The past grips tight
Binds like shrunken sinew
The vanishing point
When looking back
More distance than the future

Time, Oh! Time
Where have you gone?
Taken with you
My hopes
My dreams
The chance to be
Who I could
And love
The things
I would

My Lover

My lover comes to me in the night
Slipping softly under cool sheets
His hand gentle under my head

My lover comes to me in the night
Pushing his body softly against my back
His arms tight around my waist

My lover comes to me in the night
Cupping my breast through my gown
And whispers softly in my ear

My lover comes to me in the night
And pulls my head to his chest
His soft breath on my shoulder


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