I Weep For What Is Lost

(A poem inspired by the music from the movie Malena by Giuseppe Tornatore and for all the people who have lost a lover.)

I weep for what is lost
Of desire
To feel the heat
When I come to you
And press
Against your skin

I weep for what is lost
Of bliss
To feel your breath
When I kiss your mouth
And gaze
Into your eyes

I weep for what is lost
Of love
To hear your sigh
When I touch your chest
And linger
In your embrace

I weep
For what is lost

The Other World

In the other world
Night comes
On air clean of day
Visions beckon
From that other side
Where I belong
If I could only find my way

In the other world
Dreams linger
In varied shades of gray
Smoky phantoms
Of what should have been
Where I belong
If I could only find my way

In the other world
Swirling thoughts
On floating mist
Of love and lust and fame
What might have been
Where I belong
If I could only find my way

In the other world
Morning intrudes
Amid the blinding haze
Perchance a portal does await
To lead me to that place
Where I belong
If I could only find my way

Two Souls

My spirit drifts
Along the rocky crags
Above a turbulent sea
Where my soul did form
In times primeval
And is forever anchored there

My spirit wanders
Amidst the salty spray
Searching for the other
That should have been
If I stayed where I belonged
Beside the cliffs and sea

If I were mortal still
I could feel the jagged rock
And soft moss beneath my feet
The breeze that catches my hair
And lifts me above the earth
Away from what is real

When, at once, my spirit finds
What it has sought
Two souls, light in light
Each the other half
Float out to sea
As one

The Gift

Beneath a canopy
Of aching beauty
Stolen from the sun
Embraced in brilliance
My spirit soars
And dances
Amid the light
But the sun
In a jealous rage
The ice
Once glorious
My ecstasy
But the truth
Lives eternal
In my heart

A Game with Passers-by

They turn their heads
When I drive by
In my little red car
I toss them a smile
And they high-five
And shoulder bump
As if they’ve just won
Some great victory

You don’t understand,
My husband says,
You never have
Yes…I do
I want to say
But what good is it?
Except for a lark
A game with passers-by

So I stow it
In the back of my mind
Because I know
Whatever it is
It won’t last forever
And I’m afraid
When the time comes
I won’t want to let it go


4 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. I don’t know if you have broken any rules here in terms of poetic rhyme and rule, but I think the best poetry comes from the soul, and reading your work leaves no question about that. I enjoyed it, and I’ll be watching out for the next one.


    1. Thanks, Heiks!

      It is interesting that you noticed an Oriental feel to my poetry, as I have always been fascinated by anything and everything Asian. Even more odd, is that this is purely accidental.


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