Nazi Novels

Theresa Bernstein, The Readers, 1914 I normally avoid World War II novels, or novels about Nazis, for no other reason than I’ve read so many, but a friend recommended Beneath a Scarlet Sky: A Novel by Mark Sullivan. She wanted to discuss some things with me after, so I obliged. It’s billed as the true … Continue reading Nazi Novels


Excerpt from The Bear Hunter

Note: I’ve been thinking about, and tinkering with, a novel about my paternal 5th great-grandfather, Richard “Fightin’ Dick” Colley, who was well-known around my birthplace. It is claimed he was the first white (non Indian) settler in what is now Dickenson County, Virginia. He was a hot-tempered Irishman (or Welsh?), who reportedly fought a bear on … Continue reading Excerpt from The Bear Hunter

The Scientific Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence:

J. S. Colley

 An Interview with @SETINet (aka James Brown) Part I 

When I first met James Brown on Twitter, I looked at his alien-head avatar and secretly wondered if he was some kind of kook. So, of course, I went to check out his website,, to see just how afraid I should be. Turns out, the only thing I had to be afraid of was my own lack of knowledge concerning all the technical stuff posted there—charts and graphs and sky maps (well, those I understood a little).

There was other not-so-technical stuff, too. I found that Jim, a retired engineer, was the 2005 SETI League’s Bruno Award recipient. The award was given “honoring his significant technical contributions to amateur SETI science.”

For those of you who don’t know (what? have you been living in a cave?), SETI stands for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. No, this isn’t some crazy UFO organization; it’s…

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